About Us

What is different about The British Depot.
It was never my intention to open a British Store. After being in the US for 17 years, I had become accustomed to doing without the things that surrounded me on a daily basis at home. I had decent access to the imported food but what I really craved was food, REAL FOOD!!! Over the years I had bought and tried many products. All were previously cooked and once reheated were dry and honestly just too small to fill the homesick void I was trying to fill. So over the years I had come to perfect many recipes, it made me very popular at parties 😊
In summer 2017 I opened The British Depot my initial plan was to test the market and open a website. So I began making Steak & Ale and Steak & Kidney Pies, Sausage Rolls, Banoffee Pie, Sausages & Back Bacon to sell at a Local Farmers Market. The business took a very different direction because by September 2017 (less than 3 months) the demand was so great that I opened a retail store and began importing dry food.
So what set's us apart, I hear you ask? Honestly it's the frozen food we produce. I wanted to offer food, real food!!!
This began as larger pies. I also wanted to be sure that all the pies we sold had a generous amount of beef, don't you just hate it when you open a pie after baking only to find two measly pieces of meat. Our range has grown significantly since moving into the store, we now offer pasties, scotch eggs, pork pies & lamb shepherds pie, Chicken Curry Pie.
We finally launched the Website in August 2018.
Unfortunately for those of you ordering online, you cannot sample our food like my retail customers do on a weekly basis. However many of them have written glowing reviews on our facebook page, so please check us out.
For you local customers, we still participate in sampling our pies and pasties every Saturday in conjunction with The Farmers Market on Tamina, as well as a tipple of Pimms to help with the Texas heat. The Farmers Market is a lot of fun and there are some wonderfully innovative vendors, so come hungry. 
In October 2019 opened a second retail store in Katy, TX. 
In closing I would like to say that having been on the other side of the counter for many years has made me very conscious of price. Nothing worse than seeing a price printed on a packet and being charged more than double for it. This experience has shown me just how expensive it is to import food and I can assure you that value for money and fair pricing are at the core of our values.
We are wanting your repeat business not just a one time order.

Some of the Brands We Carry