Shipping & Pick Up Order Information


In Store Pick Up (Curbside)

Looking to secure your favorite item before it sells out and can't make it into the shop right away. Place your order online!

Our website is built for shipping but we have a work around for pick up/curbside orders.
Place your order and then when you checkout you will first be asked to enter shipping information and select a shipping service. Please go ahead and do this. Then on the next page you will see the discount code box.
Please enter one of the following discount codes.

Pick up Magnolia or Pick up Katy

This will remove the cost of shipping and let us know that the order is a pick up, it will also advise our staff which store you will be collecting from.
N.B. The website has a 6lb minimum order for frozen food and we do not have a work around for that but it also doesn't take a lot to reach it.

For customers wishing to have their orders curbside please call the store upon your arrival and we will gladly deliver your order to your vehicle.

Frozen Food Shipping

* Minimum Order *

There is a 6lb minimum order for shipment of Frozen Food. The minimum is to cover for the complimentary dry ice and freezer packaging ($20 Value)

*Frozen Food Shipping Days*

Frozen food shipments ship out on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to ensure that all deliveries are made by Friday.

Frozen Orders must reach there destination within two days, please be sure to select a service that ensures this.

*Dry Food Shipping Days*

Dry food shipments ship out Monday through Thursday

Shipping Chocolate

We encourage you to combine frozen orders with chocolate purchases in the summer months. British Chocolate melts easily. Due to the high milk content of our chocolate once it melts and solidifies you will notice a while film on the surface, this is called blooming. It does not effect the flavor or yumminess it just doesn't look as nice. We cannot be held responsible for the melting of chocolate during shipment.



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