British Depot Family Size Steak & Ale Pie 32oz (2lb Ship Weight).

British Depot Range


British Depot's Own Steak & Ale Pie. This family size deep dish steak and ale pie is everything you have been craving. A rich meat pie filled with chunks of tender beef onions and carrots. Slow cooked in beef broth and Boddingtons Ale, this is the best steak and ale pie ever. (Available in a smaller two person size pie too)

2 lb Towards 6 lb Minimum Order for Frozen Food.

Each frozen order is packed with enough dry ice to last 2 days. Please select a UPS Service that ensures delivery to your area in no longer than 2 Days.

Google review (June 2019)

Loved the friendliness! Pies are to die for, my favorite Steak and Ale!

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